Couples Therapy

If you feel your relationship could use some help, whether just some mild adjusting or significant work, this is an opportunity to understand the issues that have contributed to struggles in your relationship, and then to make the necessary changes that will not only heal your connection, but will likely help you more healthy as an individual in the process.

Very few issues create as much distress as difficulties in your relationship with your spouse or partner. We have the capacity to bring such joy and love to one another; and we can make life on earth a living hell for one another also.

In working with couples I have integrated Psychoanalytic Couples research with the Gottman Method Couples Therapy to bring the very best of relationship research together with the very best of clinical practice. In our work together, here are some tools and steps we will use:

  1. An extensive interview in which I am able to understand both the current problem(s) you are both experiencing and your love story: what drew you together initially.
  2. An exploration of how you “fight” or deal with a particular conflict.
  3. An extensive questionnaire that will help us zero in on painful and challenging areas more quickly.
  4. An indepth understanding of your relationship histories from your family-of-origin until now.
  5. An indepth exploration of your preferred style of relating and defending yourself.
  6. Proven tools to use to draw you closer to your partner, to defuse conflict and better understand the issues underlying conflict, and to help you deepen the connection between the two of you.

No two couples are the same, but most have issues that others have faced. I want you to have hope that you can move through this very difficult season of your relationship toward something that feels newer (in a good way) and healthier!