Most of us have experienced trauma to some extent. Many of us speak of trauma with a capital “T” vs. trauma with a little “t.” Further, not everyone who experiences a traumatic event will go on to develop PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

In our work together, we will attempt to explore whatever trauma you have experienced. Trauma rearranges our sense of the world: what is true and what is untrue? What is dependable and what is not? Our neurological systems are significantly impacted by such events.

You may have experienced trauma as an adult such as the loss of a spouse or partner, betrayal by someone close to you, financial collapse, job loss, serious illness, or more. You may have been the victim of crime or natural disaster. If so, you may fear that your world will never feel “solid” again, that you’ll never stop being stunned by the slightest noise or sensation that reminds you of the event(s).

You may have experienced trauma as a child. The statistics are overwhelming concerning child abuse, whether sexual, physical, or emotional. Beyond that, even if you had a parent or caregiver who was inconsistent or misattuned to you, this “relational trauma” may have set you up to struggle with intimacy or closeness in your adult relationships.

We will use the tools of psychoanalytic therapy, meditation and mindfulness, medications, lifestyle changes, neurofeedback and biofeedback, along with your spiritual values and disciplines, and more to bring your internal world from distress to peace. This is a process over time. Most of the individuals I see bring trauma of some sort to our work together. If you have struggled with traumatic experiences of any kind, I would welcome the opportunity to walk alongside you through this chaotic sense of the world.