Social Phobia and Social Anxiety

Many of us find ourselves ill at ease when in certain types of relational circumstances. We may feel fairly comfortable at work or school where our roles are well-rehearsed and predictable. Sometimes, however, the situation is more fluid, unpredictable, or ambiguous. We find that there are no clear-cut rules of engagement in times like these, and may feel adrift and somewhat lost. “What should I say? Should I say nothing? What should I do? Where should I look? Should I smile or look away?” We may feel quite anxious in moments like these and choose to avoid similar situations in the future. Often we may replay every glance and every word and gesture we expressed to another long after the encounter took place.

Often, other people may seem dangerous or unpredictable. We may find ourselves feeling lonely and detached, longing for more intimate connections with others. We do not trust ourselves not to say or do something humiliating.

If this describes your experiences, even in part, please know that many others struggle with these same challenges. With psychoanalytic therapy, we will explore the roots of relationship challenges and find ways of being different in the world around us and experiencing it differently within ourselves as well. We may also utilize other strategies including relaxation techniques, medical assistance, and functional medicine as well. If you would like to find a way to be even a little more confident with others, I would invite you to begin this journey!