Parenting Concerns

As mothers or fathers, our love for our children is surprisingly deep and abiding. From the moment of conception to the delivery room to infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and beyond, our children never leave our hearts and minds. They can bring us untold joy along with unfathomable pain and worry and frustration and tears – across their development and ours.

Contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice is built on a firm foundation of infant research and childhood development, along with neurobiology. You may want to speak with someone who is familiar with the pitfalls of childhood and parenting – at any stage along the way to answer important questions:

  • Why is my child so angry or aggressive?
  • Why won’t my child look at me or talk with me?
  • Why is my child struggling in school … or with peers?
  • Why does my child lie so much?
  • Why has my child shut me out?
  • Why is my child self-harming or having thoughts about death?
  • Why is my child engaged in self-destructive behavior or habits?
  • Why is my child unmotivated … regardless of age?

This is just a sampling of issues many of us may have to face as parents. No job in the world is more significant than being a mother or father! Why not consider someone to walk alongside you as you make informed parenting choices for your child?