Life Transitions

As we all likely know, nothing stays the same. We graduate high school and many leave for college. We graduate college and then have to decide whether to try to find a job or go on to graduate school. We fall in love and struggle with when or how to make a life commitment. We think about buying a house. We face the possibility of divorce or the loss of a relationship. We lose someone we love. We face losing a job. We may face financial reversal. We face health crises and are no longer able to do what we once did.

Transitions. Many of these movements from one chapter in life to the next are relatively smooth and even exciting; many leave us feeling displaced and lost and confused, especially if we feel uprooted or alone. It helps to have community and family, unless they are what you are transitioning from.

Finding someone you can trust to share your thoughts and grief and wishes with, helps … a lot. Sometimes, we realize that the struggle in this transition includes incomplete resolution of previous changes we made (either voluntarily or not). I invite you to include someone in your journey who will be with you in the midst of this new land.