Career Assessment and Counseling

Most of us find choosing (or re-choosing) a career to be an existential matter: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? These questions are often asked across one’s lifespan. Whether you are in high school thinking through your interests or 20 years or more into your profession, needing to make a change, these questions are essential. My approach to career testing includes an investment in psychoanalytic therapy as well as administering appropriate tests. Please do not misunderstand: the instruments will always evoke a great deal of interest and, at times, surprise. But at the heart of the matter, we need to know ourselves better in order to have a clearer focus.

Career tests focus on goodness-of-fit between various occupations and you, rather than assessing your abilities or aptitudes for a specific career. That is where other data is brought to bear, including how well you performed in courses related to a specific area of study, Grade Point Averages, SAT scores, GRE scores, and personal experiences you may have had in volunteer and work situations. Often times, someone may have been disinteresting in studies in high school and even into their college years and need to remediate their academic profiles. Many people find themselves in this situation, so if you are in your mid-20s or older and you are just now getting serious about your career and studies, please do not worry. You are in good company. A less-than-stellar academic record can be remedied.

If you have questions about your work-life, I would love to spend some time exploring this very area with you!