Adjustment Disorders

Life can throw us curve balls. Adjustment disorders are just that: curve balls that shake us, changes that require us to adapt, losses that leave us with decisions to make that are not optional. Dealing with divorce, death, the loss of a job, an unexpected move, bankruptcy, an empty nest.

Sometimes because we are so thrown by these changes, we may not respond the way we would like. We may find ourselves feeling sad or hopeless or tense. We may isolate ourselves. We may make unwise decisions or act impulsively. We may notice physiological symptoms like trembling, twitching, or skipped heartbeats.

These are the most commonly diagnosed psychological problems because life is difficult and unpredictable. You do not have to face this alone. You can move through this … even more quickly and easily with the help of someone who will listen deeply to you and simply be with you. Together you may even discover better ways of coping and growing through this challenging and often painful period of your life. You may decide that certain activities (such as meditation, exercise, prayer, improved nutrition) or even medication may help you during this time. But you need not do this alone.