Steven D. Graham, PhD, DMin

Licensed Psychologist, Certified Psychoanalyst, and ADHD-CCSP
  • Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed by one or more of life’s many challenges?
  • Are you currently experiencing pain or distress in your relationships?
  • Have you been struggling with questions about God or faith or your spiritual community?
  • Would you like to understand the patterns that have shaped you, that may have caused much of the pain you have experienced in your life?
  • Would you benefit from the clarity that often comes from psychological testing — to understand your personality, how your mind works, what careers may best suit you?

Dr. Graham works with individuals and couples, drawing on his pastoral background, his training as a clinical psychologist, and his experience as a certified psychoanalyst, to provide a warm and professional place for you to work through your current challenges, whatever they might be.

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Therapy might help you or give you insight and the ability to move forward, but it may also provide you with an opportunity to know yourself better. Together we can decide if therapy is right for you and if you would benefit from my services.

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