Psychological Testing and Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

People are increasingly aware of many cognitive challenges that they and/or their children may face. Some of these cognitive issues include:

  • ADHD or ADD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, either Attention-Type, Hyperactive-Type, or Combined-Type)
  • Learning Disabilities: Reading Disorder, Mathematics Disorder, Disorder of Written Expression, Expressive Language Disorder, Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder
  • Learning style or learning limitations
  • Giftedness testing
  • Memory-related concerns

Personality Assessment

For many people, other vital questions about themselves are important to know, such as, “What am I like?” or “What patterns do I use to protect myself from bring hurt?” or “What style do I most often use to relate to people?” or “Why am I having problems?, Why do I hurt so much?, Why am I so often in trouble?”

​​These are just a few questions that prompt many people to want to have a deeper look at themselves through the eyes of some sophisticated psychological tests. Almost everyone who experiences such testing comes away feeling more aware of who they and the challenges they face. For many, it provides a powerful sense of calm as they are able for the first time to understand themselves and put into words important truths.

Personality testing is also very useful in 
couples and family therapy. In fact, as each begins to understand the other’s unique make-up and style, there is often a much greater capacity for empathy in the relationship.

Career Assessment

Today, as so many face unemployment and/or underemployment, fewer types of assessment may be in greater demand than career testing. This type of testing helps to answer these and other questions:

  • What are my unique strengths?
  • What are my interests and where is my passion?
  • What job/career best suits my personality and temperament?
  • What are my aptitudes and limitations?
  • What may help/hinder me in my job search and on the job itself?
  • What are important values that I have about working?
  • What type of work place is best/least suited to me?

Since work is such a vital part of life, it is recommended that such testing be accompanied by at least one or two (or more) feedback sessions.

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