Steven D. Graham, PhD, DMin 

Steven D. Graham, PhD, DMin 

I work with individuals and couples, providing a warm and professional place for you to work through your current challenges and create a more loving, fulfilling relationship. I bring a profound respect for your unique spiritual concerns as well as those issues bringing pain and frustration. Along with my psychological and theological background, I am also certified in contemporary psychoanalysis, helping me to treat each person as uniquely complex, as “fearfully and wonderfully made." My hope as we work together is that you will feel safe, understood, and hopeful.

Call me at 813-732-6717 or email me at for more information or to make an appointment. Together we can decide if therapy is right for you and if you would benefit from my services. 


Talking with a professional with whom you feel safe and comfortable might not only help give you insight and the ability to move forward, but it might also provide you with an opportunity to know yourself better. You might begin to notice and change patterns that served a purpose at one time in your life, but are only complicating matters for you now. You may also feel free to address spiritual concerns that have troubled you along the way.

  • Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed by one or more of life's many challenges?
  • Are you currently experiencing pain in relationships?
  • Do you find yourself feeling lonely in your own marriage?
  • Does it seem that you can never measure up to your spouse’s expectations?​
  • ​Are you torn by conflicting advice about what to do next? About the impact on your children?


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